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Raising awareness is the intention of each program falling under the umbrella of
“We Need Each Other.”
Deconstructing Racism

Racism is so neatly woven into the fabric of our lives that it is often difficult to detect. It might be impossible to move away from it. However, we can care enough to try. Conversations which create greater understanding and awareness can assist in interrupting racism.  Once we can see it we can make conscious decisions to be different from what we've been in the past.,  We can choose to value all of humankind.

Conversations Between Men and Women

Embracing the innate nature of Man and Woman. Communication is so easy these days with a simple text, an email, a DM. However,  face-to-face communication appears to be a "lost art". During these conversations I see the spark in the eyes of the participants as they gain a greater understanding of how men and women think and process differently. Yet, the differences fit together perfectly when able to listen from the heart space rather than old experiences and programming.

Future Program

The Healing House of Transformation is grounded in the idea that healing must take place on many levels. There is an understanding that the body works together with the mind and spirit. Each level must be addressed in order for true transformational healing to occur. In the Healing House, clients will learn all levels of healing to determine what works best for them.  They will receive education in choosing proper foods with a greater focus on nutrition.

They will have an awareness of the need to incorporate Energy Therapy and Bodywork in the healing process.

Relationship Workshop-3.jpg

They will experience various forms of physical movement including yoga and pilates. Most importantly they will receive Wellness Coaching to determine underlying beliefs that are holding them back from transformative healing allowing, them to move forward with a clearer perspective.

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